The Loyola Graduate

Every aspect of a child’s development is considered and respected, and we support our students to grow into confident, motivated leaders who will always respect the value of learning and community.

Our ideal is the well rounded person who is intellectually competent, open to growth, religious, loving and committed to doing justice in generous service to the people of God,
Fr Peter-Hans Kolvenbach SJ, Superior-General of the Society of Jesus, The Characteristics of Jesuit Education, 1986

Graduates of Loyola Senior High School:

  • are generous and large-hearted
  • exercise imagination
  • strive for the magis, ‘the more’, ’the greater good’
  • accept excellence as an ideal
  • foster all their talents, and the development of the whole person
  • reflect on their actions and learn from them
  • possess a faith that is practical, translating into service of others
  • seek to be just to all
  • have enquiring minds
  • build community
  • develop competence in their work
  • seek to be compassionate
  • inform their conscience so as to act with integrity
  • have reverence and love for the person of Jesus
  • seek and find God in all things.

Our high expectations of Loyola students are no less than we place on our staff and ourselves

Our school encourages each students to be the best they can be in all areas of their academic and spiritual life. To be true to the spirit of Saint Ignatius Loyola means developing the whole person – mind, heart and hands. Formation of the mind to think critically and reflectively; formation of the heart from which is to spring character, virtue, spiritual depth; and development of practical skills in whatever field of endeavour one pursues, are the trademarks of an Ignatian education.

Educating learners in ways far beyond academics

At Loyola, our focus is the full life-long development of the students entrusted to us. We are concerned very much with what type of person we will become. It is why what goes on beyond the classroom is also as important as what transpires within it. How we relate to others, how we cope with our circumstances, how we deal with our problems and even, from time to time, our tragedies are all important moments of caring, learning and growth.

Leadership Opportunities

Students have many leadership opportunities whilst at Loyola, including Student Representative Council where, each year, up to 16 students are elected to represent their fellow students. The aims of the Council are to promote, encourage and facilitate student involvement in the school and enrich the school community. The Council provides a forum for students to express themselves and also raises money for approved student activities.

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