Dick Smith’s flying visit to his ‘favourite school’!


Australian philanthropist Dick Smith recently made a flying visit to Loyola Senior High School in Mount Druitt. Arriving by helicopter for the fifth time makes Mr Smith a frequent flyer at his “favourite school”!

Loyola Principal Cathy Larkin said Mr Smith enjoys his visits to the school because of the many opportunities for trade training.

“He has such inspiring stories to share with the students,’’ Mrs Larkin said.

Mr Smith was introduced to students from the Loyola Indigenous Community. This new student-centred program was designed with a large amount of student input and focuses on building resilience and self-esteem.

Dick Smith visits his “favourite school” Loyola Senior High School

Dick Smith spoke about success and highlighted five tips he believes play a key part in having a successful work and life balance

He then made his way to a special assembly where he spoke to all students and staff about his secrets to success. Describing Loyola as his ‘favourite school’, Mr Smith shared five tips for a successful work and life balance.

Mr Smith’s tips for success include: don’t be afraid to ask for advice; keep it simple; honesty is important; be enthusiastic and motivate other people.

“Being successful to me is being able to place yourself on the path to do what it is you want to do!” Mr Smith said. “Try and work out what you are good at, what you enjoy doing.’’

“I admit I couldn’t write, I couldn’t photograph when I started National Geographic, but I surrounded myself with a capable team and learnt from them and as a result, the magazine has done very well.”

“Motivating others is a great way to give back and I am proud to say I donate to charities for my own pleasure. It makes me feel good!’’ he said.

Following the special assembly, Mr Smith was treated to a two course lunch prepared by the Year 11 and Year 12 Hospitality and Commercial Cookery students overseen by teachers Craig Brissett and Cassandra Mayer.

Mr Smith shares a story with Loyola Trade Centre Trade Assistant, Farokh Arabshahi during an impromptu tour of the Centre

Mr Smith knows how to make an entrance!

He was also given a thank you gift from students from the Loyola Indigenous Community before being taken on a tour of the Trade Training facilities where he got to check out some new equipment. Then it was time for Mr Smith to take off, literally!