Learning Enrichment

Do you have learning difficulties? Do you need special provisions? Or maybe you just need some help?

The Learning Enrichment Team at Loyola Senior High School is a resource for the whole school, and provides a holistic approach to the support of students with varying needs. We are guided by the particular needs of the students. Through individual planning with the student, parent, plan manager/learning support teachers and other professionals, we collaboratively identify a plan for students. The Learning Enrichment team works across the curriculum with students with varying needs.

Learning Enrichment is for everyone!

Learning Enrichment at Loyola Senior High School is founded on the Ignatian Ministry of Teaching.

As such, Loyola Senior High School believes that a whole school approach to educating students provides an equitable education since it emphasises that the responsibility of educating and caring for all children belongs to the whole school community. We, as a whole, welcome the integration of students with varying needs into the regular classroom. Through inclusive practices, we allow each member of the community to develop further their understanding and acceptance of the differences that makes each of us a unique, but vital, member of the community.

Services to support learning

Students requiring learning support and enrichment vary from time to time. However, those targeted on the Learning Support program include students with:

  • language backgrounds other than English (LBOTE)
  • new arrivals
  • students with diagnosed cognitive, sensory, communication, physical, mental health or specific learning disabilities.

This department also offers 1:1 or small group tutorials during study periods, and has a Senior Study, which is open to everyone and offers homework and assessment task support each afternoon from 2:30 – 4:00 p.m.

Special Provisions are provided for students with a learning difficulty in reading and writing for all formal examinations and assessment tasks, in an exam format. There is quite a rigorous assessment before formal application is made to the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) for Special Provisions. Occasionally, Special Provisions are provided for emotional and physical reasons.

Learning Enrichment can also assess the learning needs of students who have been referred by subject teachers and then provide follow up for both. Often this can result in a more formal assessment by an educational psychologist from the Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta.

Other services provided by Learning Enrichment are:

  • training student reader/writers to give 1:1 support during formal examinations and assessment tasks
  • providing an extensive Individual Student Plan for a small group of students leading to an Individual Transition Plan in Year 12. This covers class work, homework, assessment tasks, time management and study skills
  • Special Program of Study where appropriate