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How to Enrol

Loyola Trade Training Centre offers:

  • Year 11 and 12 in a Catholic school
  • the Higher School Certificate Achieve outcomes towards Certificate III trade qualifications
  • the equivalent of a first year apprenticeship
  • industry training and the opportunity to complete paid work with a workplace mentor if enrolled in a school-based apprenticeship
  • improved transition from school to work
  • the development of essential employability skills
  • learning with greater flexibility and relevance
  • online learning in a technology-rich environment
  • support from mentors who provide valuable advice to students, and are vital contacts for parents and employers
  • learning in a young adult environment

When to enrol?

While enrolments are taken at any time during the year, the main enrolment period each year is from May the end of June.

2017 Enrolments

All students who wish to enrol at Loyola must complete an enrolment application form and return it to the school. All sections of the enrolment form must be completed.

For further information regarding the enrolment procedures and enrolment forms for Loyola Trade Training Centre please contact the school directly on (02) 9407 7081, or visit the Loyola Trade Training Centre Website.

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