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TAFE Delivered VET Program (TVET)

The TAFE delivered VET Program allows secondary students to study Vocational Courses at TAFE as part of their school studies in the Preliminary and HSC. Results in these courses contribute to the award of the Higher School Certificate (HSC) and are taught by TAFE teachers at selected colleges or TAFE.

TAFE delivered courses offer dual accreditation – from the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) and TAFE NSW.

Board-Developed Vocational Courses

Preliminary students, at both government and non-government secondary schools, may take Board-Developed TAFE delivered Vocational Courses as part of their course of study for the award of the HSC. All Board-Developed Vocational Courses include mandatory work placement.

The marks obtained in any one Board Developed Vocational Course can contribute to tertiary entrance (i.e. the ATAR) only if students undertake the optional written exam. Although these courses can count towards your ATAR, they are Category B courses (N.B. Only 2 units of Category B courses may count towards your ATAR).

Board Endorsed Vocational Courses

Other Board Endorsed Courses are offered to students through the TAFE delivered VET Program in the Preliminary and HSC years. These are 2 unit courses and do not count towards an ATAR.

What are the advantages?

These courses are nationally recognised TAFE Certificate Courses. They have been designed to prepare students for immediate entry into the industry concerned, at operator level or to progress to further education in related fields. These certificates are also offered by TAFE to students who have left school.

Students who successfully complete these courses may receive advanced standing in other higher-level TAFE courses via a process known as articulation. This process will allow students to have successfully completed a TAFE certificate to progress to higher-level TAFE courses (such as an Advanced Certificate, Associate Diploma or Diploma), without duplicating the work already done.

Students able to participate in a Board-Developed TAFE delivered Vocational Course at a college of TAFE will be enrolled as regular TAFE students, with the full rights and responsibilities of other TAFE students.

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